Yesterday was warm for Chicago, about 34 degrees, sunny and no wind, perfect for a lakefront shoot. I futzed around the house earlier and began trying to figure out how to use the Godox X1s with my ultra portable Godox tt350s. By the time I figured it out, I was 10 minutes behind my planned departure time, so I quickly packed my camera bag and left for Montrose Harbor, north of Chicago.

Ninety minutes later (Chicago traffic sucks), I arrive onsite, set up my tripod, attached my Sony FE 24-70 / 2.8, turned it on zoomed to 70. Having never been here, I didn’t know it was so far from the Chicago skyline, so I opened my camera bag to grab my Sony 70-300 F/4.5-5.6 to make up the distance, only to realize that in my haste, I left it at home. Crap!

As I watched daylight change to Golden Hour to Blue Hour, I tried to make do, but I couldn’t stop kicking myself for forgetting that lens. The site isn’t ideal for this time of year, in fact I should of used my Photo Pils app because I would have seen that the sun was going to set may degrees north of the city. In that case I would have gone to Navy Pier. This is a combined, HDR photo from three .arw imaged that I edited into one picture. It was hazy (smoke from west coast wild fires?) and I tried to eliminate some of it. It’s not a bad picture, but it could of been stellar. My learned lessons are to leave myself time to ensure I have all of the gear I want to take and while I scouted the location on Google Maps, I should of used Photo Pils to determine where the sun would set. That app is amazing.